Broken Spelt

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Broken spelt low in fat, rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, full and fat-free, a very nutritious product that you can find in our store in the Legumes Department. The best of the italian food at your home in 24H.

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Broken spelt low in fat, rich in fibervitamins and minerals, full and fat-free, a very nutritious product that you can find in our store in the Legumes Department.

Spelt is one of the least caloric grains: 100 g provide about 340 kcal; it also contains the essential amino acid methionine, which forms part of a group of lipotropic substances that help the liver to metabolize fats.

Spelt, for example, is a very valid substitute for rice and can be used for soups, spelt, summer salads, pizza, bread and cakes, obtaining numerous advantages for our health.

Spelt can be cooked using the same methods of preparing a risotto, keeping only in mind that spelt needs a few more minutes of cooking. Remember to wash the spelt and dry it well, so as to remove impurities and make it even more digestible, then if we intend to cook a spelt, toast it briefly in a pot or pan and then sprinkle it with wine, water or vegetable broth.

If you want to prepare a cold salad, just, as for rice, cook the spelt in plenty of salted water for 25-30 minutes and then season it as we like.

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Package weight 500 gr.

Frequently Asked Question

Why choose KibItaly?

Our products are only KM0 taken directly from the manufacturer. The products of Kibitaly are not industrial products but the result of the care of selected Norcinerie in the Lazio/Umbria region, in short, a brand totally Made in Italy.

When does the product arrive?

We only ship with DHL, which guarantees us a 24/48h European-wide shipment.

How is the food stored during transport?

All our products are seasoned and shipped vacuum packed. This guarantees their freshness and quality once they arrive on your table.

Can I return the product?

Yes! But only if the product has NOT been opened from the vacuum pack.

What’s the expiry date of the products?

All products, being vacuum shipped, have a shelf life of 180 days or more. The important thing is to keep them in their vacuum packaging and in a cool place.


If I order a large quantity of product, once I open the vacuum, will I have to consume the product quickly so that it does not expire?

Absolutely NO! All products are packed in 0.5KG slices. So, even if you order 10KG of product, the packages, where possible, will be 0.5KG to allow you to open a single package at a time.

Are my payment details safe?

Of course! As a payment method we use only PayPal and Stripe, which offer one of the most advanced encryption systems on the market and also a guarantee for the buyer to protect you from fraud.


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