Caciocavallo Cheese

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CACIOCAVALLO The caciocavallo cheese is a seasoned cheese typical of southern Italy and Sicily, it has a round form of a “Bag” produced with particularly fat milk with the addition of only rennet, lactic ferments and salt.

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CACIOCAVALLO The caciocavallo cheese is a seasoned cheese typical of southern Italy and Sicily, it has a round form of a “Bag” produced with particularly fat milk with the addition of only rennet, lactic ferments and salt. Suggestion for a quick and tasty dish: Cut the cheese into thick slices, put them in a frying pan greased with oil add crushed garlic and roast them on both sides. Then arrange on a serving dish, sprinkle with oregano and a few leaves of basil and serve. Recipes:

  • Carbonara with Caciocavallo and friarelli.
  • Pasta with Caciocavallo cheese and pepper.
  •  Frittata with Caciocavallo.
  •  Stuffed potatoes with Caciocavallo and sausage.
  •  Troccoli cauliflower and Caciocavallo.
  •  Fettucce with fried eggplant and Caciocavallo.
  •  Fried Caciocavallo with chopped olives.
  •  Filo pasty with Caciocavallo.
  •  Pizza with Caciocavallo and coasts.
  •  Baked Caciocavallo.

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